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About Project

Let us preserve the Word of the Message from Lord Abdrushin in its cleanest form for now and future times on Earth.

This site is intended for whole Earth to provide and preserve collected works of Lord Abdrushin in various languages and editions.

We have printed and electronic editions in various forms. For the printed form, the electronic one serves as a template. Therefore, emphasis is placed on the form and preservation of the electronic form of the Message.

We strive for neutral, cleanest possible form maintained by a group of coworkers, who would preserve the Lord`s work for the present and the future.

This group will need to evolve and adapt to keep the work in subsequent changes of not only used software and technical means, but also in changes of the Creation.


The site is in development.

There is a content filling in progress as well as software development, to be able to present the content correctly.


If You would like to join and help with the work You can write to address info@abdrushin.one to discuss it.

Facebook group Abdrushin web can be used for notifications and other discussion.

There is a possibility to cooperate for example on these tasks:

  • Search for German originals and translations in other languages
  • Translate texts of
    • German originals to other languages
    • some site parts available only in a specific language to other languages 1)
  • If typos, inconsistencies or other suggestions are found, incorporate them into the site or report them for inclusion
  • Enhance site software
    • add new functionality
    • fix found errors
    • update to newer version
  • Participate in financing the operation of the site or other related activities
    • Donations can be made to the account:
      IBAN: CZ5820100000002300512058
  • Contact other people who would like to work on this project


eg: accompanying texts from Czech to German
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